Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful solutions for common issues.


This happens when the site you are visiting is not on the trusted sites list.  To add it do the following:

  1. In Internet Explorer Click on the Settings Icon (Gear shape)
  2.  Choose Internet Options
  3.  Select the Security Tab
  4. Click on Sites button
  5. Type in (or copy and paste) the full website URL (with http)
  6. Click Close to save the site
  7. Test – you should be able to access the site


Please read our documentation on selecting custom paper sizes in TerraPro.


Open the email containing the picture.  It may be EMBEDDED in the body of the email, or sent as an ATTACHMENT to the email.  We can only accept images in JPG format – not PDF, PNG or Word Documents.

EMBEDDED: Right-Click on the picture and choose Save Image As

When the explorer window comes up as to where to save the image, navigate to Drive C: (or if on network or cloud, Drive T:)

Choose the TerraPro Folder, then the Images Folder, then the People Folder.

Name the file after the person including .jpg at the end. For example, Joseph Sample.jpg

ATTACHMENT: The name of the file will be above the body of the email. Click on the download button and then follow the same instructions as above to save it in the C:\TerraPro\Images\People folder.

OBIT TEXT:  Just highlight the obit using the mouse by dragging over the text and then press CTRL-C to copy it.  When you get into TerraPro, on the obit screen, press CTRL-V to paste it.

Your Statement of Goods must comply with FTC guidelines and be approved by FTC inspectors.

You can change the default statement of goods anytime.  This is usually done when you change your price list, but it can be done anytime.

To do that, go to Main Menu, Price Lists:
Once you are on the General Price List screen,  click on the setup default bill button at the top of the screen:
Choose the billing format you want to change.  (You can also add new billing formats by clicking Edit List)
Make changes exactly as you would if editing an actual bill.  But here you are setting up the default bill or template.
You can also choose to copy the default bill to other branches (companies) and you will be prompted before copying to each branch.
You then have the capability of choosing a different format for the Statement of Goods.  That is done from the pick list on the screen below, which appears when you select Statement of Goods from the Billing Screen:
There are lots of Report File Name formats to choose from, and you may want to change to the one you use at the other branches.  TerraPro will remember the last one used and default to it the next time you print.

Terrapro Errors

This has to do with the file that stores keyboard macros you may have defined with CTRL-F1

If the file becomes corrupted, you will get this error.  Just delete the file TERRAPRO.FKY from the terrapro install directory.