Retrieving Photos from Email

Open the email containing the picture.  It may be EMBEDDED in the body of the email, or sent as an ATTACHMENT to the email.  We can only accept images in JPG format – not PDF, PNG or Word Documents.


EMBEDDED: Right-Click on the picture and choose Save Image As

When the explorer window comes up as to where to save the image, navigate to Drive C: (or if on network or cloud, Drive T:)

Choose the TerraPro Folder, then the Images Folder, then the People Folder.

Name the file after the person including .jpg at the end. For example, Joseph Sample.jpg

ATTACHMENT: The name of the file will be above the body of the email. Click on the download button and then follow the same instructions as above to save it in the C:\TerraPro\Images\People folder.

OBIT TEXT:  Just highlight the obit using the mouse by dragging over the text and then press CTRL-C to copy it.  When you get into TerraPro, on the obit screen, press CTRL-V to paste it.