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This brief survey will help Terradise™ software engineers determine the needs of our customers.  Your responses are completely anonymous, and no information about you is gathered.

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2 thoughts on “Software Survey”

  1. Hi TerraPro,

    I have been reviewing the software offer to funeral homes and has come across some interesting features which can work within our enterprise. I have been testing the features but i have a few questions.
    1. If i have a existing website, is is possible to update the obits from this software.
    2. The database structure of my website is slightly different from that of this software, will i be able to customize the uploading so to speak to only upload relevant data?
    3. What is the cost of the software that will allow multiple user, installation of the software with web post capabilities?
    4. Can the software export to excel(.xls)?

    1. Thanks, Craig for your post.

      1. Depending on the structure of your website, TerraPro can update it. We can export html, xml, json and other formats.
      2. We work with you to upload the data you want to export to your site.
      3. The current pricing for TerraPro is $3495 for multi-user desktop installation. We also offer a cloud-hosted solution using Remote Desktop to our secure server for a $500 setup fee and $20 per month plus $25 per user.
      4. Since the database is a FoxPro database, it is very easy to export data to Excel, and the reporting can export to Word, PDF, HTML and other formats.

      Sounds like a match. Please contact our sales office, Catherine Calasimone at 866-748-3625 Ext. 535 for further details.

      David Haldeman
      Author, TerraPro Professional Funeral Home Software

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